Lack of libido or frigidity is a common sexual disorder in women. However, it can be described as an enduring lack of sexual drive and response.In this condition, the sexual partner can fail to experience full gratification throughout the sexual activity. Here, both psychological and physical elements can donate to the expansion of low libido in women.

According to the physical experts, several medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, coronary artery disease, and neurological issue can also affect the sexual desire of a woman.Furthermore, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, stress, menopause, low self-esteem, drug & alcohol use, history of sexual abuse, negative body image, and fatigue can also cause the loss of sexual desire in women.

Low libido in women-signs & symptoms

  • exual drive may differ and swing for all sorts of causes
  • A solemn absence of sexual curiosity during love making and failure to relish the sexual actions of the partner

Beautiful Bosom- Cure of low libido in women

At Beautiful Bosom, our physical experts have great talent to yield the ayurvedic products and medicines made of quality herbs to improve the libido in women. Our products such as ayurvedic oil and cream are effective to reduce stress and strengthen the reproductive system. Undoubtedly, our herbal formula is helpful for women to improve the glands that yield the hormones that are crucial for positive intimate activities. We use Siberian ginseng in the creation of our products that helps to restore body balance and supports the working of the body both physically and biochemically.

Lack of libido in Women: Ayurvedic Management @ Beautiful Bosom

At our place, we first investigate the real cause of frigidity and after that we intend the treatment accordingly. Grounded on the main reason, we manage the correct proportion of natural herbs in the treatment. Here, when we successfully achieve the patients’ health through stability of different herbs during the cure, we ensure their mental health through counseling, sex education and alteration in the lifestyle.

Do’s and Don’ts for Women with lack of Libido

Here, below are the few suggestions by our exert physicians to the women, who are looking to abolish such type of sexual disorder and want to embrace the best possible outcomes:

  • Tea, coffee, smoking & drinking alcohol, and wrapped or processed foods should be evaded.
  • Sex energy in women can be enhanced by taking in theraisins, figs, almonds, fresh fruits, and prunes.
  • It is good to take the warm milk at bed time on daily basis.
  • When it comes to exercise, it is the best home cure for low libido.
  • Evade using white flour and refined (white) rice; instead of these the patients can use whole-wheat flour and brown rice.
  • Upsurge the use of spices such as fennel, ginger since these are considered as best to boost the sex drive in women.
  • Use the sesame oil for body massage as it benefits to revive muscular vigor and fuel the nerves.